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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Little Birdie House

Some months ago I went to a class with Gwen Fletcher where we decorated a little bird house. Of course I came home clutching another two that I intended to decorate for presents. And so, they got added to my ever increasing stash of 'things I'll get around to finishing (ahem, or even starting!) one day.
Well, yesterday was the day for one of the little bird houses. It was purely inspired by the view from my conservatory, sunlight through those beautiful autumn colours again.

The box was primed with cream undercoat, sanded and painted with two shades of acrylic paint. I used a pale peach and terracotta. I added some of the terracotta to the peach to mix my own shade, as I didn't want the terracotta to be too dark.

A quick sand, and a wipe over to remove any dust, and then it was simply a matter of adding some rub ons. These autumn leaves and acorns were just perfect!

I will give it a coat of clear matt exterior varnish, which will make it suitable for hanging outside, but then again, it might just live in the conservatory.

Happy Crafting,

Iolanthe x

1 comment:

ymcrafter said...

brill, brill, brill, or should that be trill, trill, trill!!!!. Seriously fabby again. Yvonne xx